Annual Crane Survey




Annual Crane Survey

We like to tell our mums that all of the cranes currently dotted around the Manchester skyline are ours.

(When we say ours, we mean projects that we have helped bring to fruition. Though, if we’re honest, our mums still don’t really know what transport planners do and probably believe that we pilot cranes every day.)

Luckily for us Deloitte’s annual Manchester Crane Survey Report has been published to help clarify things. The findings of the report are:

  • Number of new starts up by 40% on 2014
  • Volume of residential units at its highest since 2007
  • 1.04 million sqft of Grade A office space currently under construction

And hey mums, don’t get down hearted. Some of the big ones are really ours, including:

  • Wilburn Basin – 491 (WB Developments)
  • Water Street – 307 units (LQ Developments)
  • Cambridge Street – 282 units (CS Developments)
  • Greengate 1 – 497 units (Pinnacle)

There’s even more in the pipeline, including:

  • Owen Street – 1,500 units (CQ Investments)
  • Exchange Court – 349 units (AQ Investments)
  • Lincoln House – 15,690sqm B1 Office (Worthington Group)
  • Fallowfield Student Village – 4,500 student beds (University of Manchester)
  • Great Ancoats – 134 units (Mulbury City)

Look up, guys; the skies have it.