Something for the weekend

We rounded up some bits and pieces for our team to help them fill some time this weekend, so they have an excuse, like us, to avoid tackling the garden. We thought we’d share it with you all. Enjoy.

COVID creative

For big and little kids, Kelsall Architects have created model templates of favourite Greater Manchester buildings that can be cut out, coloured in and then assembled. The clever people at Luma Marketing have already had a bash at Stockport’s Hat Museum, as can be seen from the image over there.

Use this link to get involved.

Brutalist, baby

Something else to get the creative juices flowing. Gail Myerscough (Manchester textile artist) is allowing free downloads of brutalist building colouring sheets. Just go to this site and use COLOURFREE promo code at checkout.

My motte and bailey is better than yours…

For all you castle nerds out there (looking at you, John Thompson), take an online tour of Arundel Castle here.


Have a thing for 1930s travel posters? They’ve been beautifully updated for these coronavirus times here. (Stay the f* home, basically.)

What you knead to know (get it? oh, come on)

Flour is in short supply, so what you going to do when you want to bake? A pastry wizard and a comedian talk baking and pancakes, with a good lashing of food puns here.

Glow sticks at the ready

United We Stream is beaming live gigs from Manchester creatives straight into your living room. This Saturday it’s the Hacienda House Party, with a line up including Shaun Ryder and Peter Hook. You can re-live your youth without having to queue for the loo. Just hit this link and buy a ticket (for whatever amount you can afford). Rave on, or something that’s easier on your knees.

Transport planners ’til we die

In this article City Metric questions why we still give so much space in Manchester to cars. We’re still transport planners after all, even on a bank holiday.

Don’t panic

The New Zealand PM assures us that the Easter Bunny is a key worker here

Take care.

[images courtesy of United We Stream , Luma Marketing and Home Cooking Show]