University of Salford Feasibility Study

SK was appointed by the University of Salford to examine the accessibility and parking impact of the 5Plus masterplan to regenerate 99ha of central Salford real estate.

The study involved intensive surveys of existing parking use across the campus and surveys of staff and students current travel choices. SK has advised on the future parking requirements to serve the University and the new cultural and employment uses that will be delivered by the masterplan. SK has also developed parking, circulation and sustainable transport strategies for the campus to reduce the demand for parking and improve the environment and to allow a mix of uses to be delivered to serve both residents in the area and the University community.

SK developed a strategy that would enable the University to reduce its extensive parking stock over time and updated the existing Travel Plan to set out a comprehensive package of measures to assist staff and students to realise their potential for sustainable travel.


Project Details:

Client: University of Salford

Architect: 5Plus

[image courtesy of 5Plus]