Something (else) for the weekend

Another round up of stuff that’s helping to keep us occupied outside work this week. If you missed last week’s it’s here.

They think it’s all over. It is now.

When this is all over, we want all sports to be just dogs doing dog things (with excellent sports commentary, of course).


Suitable for big and little kids in lockdown, the excellent folk at Phoenix Comics have created a free downloadable comic edition with activities, drawing tutorials, puzzles and cartoons here.

Silence isn’t always golden

Are you missing the office? Use this website to recreate your usual office sounds, you can even adjust for the number of colleagues you usually have around you.

Access all areas

Last Saturday 1.4 million people beamed United We Stream‘s Hacienda House Party right into their sitting rooms. Missed it? Don’t worry, this weekend Paul Oakenfold is recreating his legendary Spike Island set on Saturday from 6pm.

Usual rules apply. Stay at home. Donate what you can afford to raise money for those in need. Dance like no one is watching (because they’re not, see previous). Don’t queue for the bar or loo.

Covid kindness

Creative City GM is asking people to create something upbeat to share with elder community members. Create positive pictures, letters and stories. Email your artwork to and they’ll send it safely to Manchester care homes. Send joy!

Local activists

Inspired by those better than us, we had some fun on our daily walk and created a quick hop-scotch activity to keep our village moving. Locating it outside our front window means this week we’ve been mostly watching big kids twirling and star-jumping.

Transport planners ’til we die

Do you have a spare bike? Why not donate it to the Nationwide Cycle Academy? They are collecting bikes, refurbishing them and giving them to NHS staff here.

If you are a key worker and you are looking for offers on bikes, repairs or equipment Sustrans have put together an interactive map to help find offers and services in your local area here.

Take care.

[images courtesy of Andrew Cotter, United We Stream and Creative City GM]